Activities of the group

  1. Maintain an overview of neonatal transport service provision across the UK
  2. Promote best practice by dissemination of key audit and research findings
  3. Act as a source of professional advice on neonatal transport matters to healthcare bodies
  4. Drive the collection of reliable, good quality transport data and to support national information systems to do so for the purpose of benchmarking and reporting
  5. Work with specialist commissioners to promote equity of neonatal transport provision nationally in terms of service delivery and funding mapped against national standards
  6. Prioritise safety for infants and develop a nationally applicable system of benchmarking and adverse event reporting. Disseminate relevant equipment or patient safety alerts.
  7. Ensure high standards of training for transport clinicians measurable against competency frameworks and complementary to the curriculum for training of the relevant background discipline
  8. Facilitate communication flow between transport services and also act as a conduit for communication to and from policy-makers on transport matters
  9. Liaise with relevant organisations i.e. BAPM, RCPCH, PICS, BMFMS, NNA, ASA, neonatal manager and air transport groups.
  10. Provide professional advice to the manufacturing industry in the development of new technologies related to neonatal transport