NTG dataset

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Being able to count and compare transport workload and quality, indices is a key part of enabling us all to understand and improve the care that transported infants receive. UK neonatal transport services have agreed standardised tightly-defined definitions and data points which we will all collect. This document sets-out all the data items along with their definitions – click the link below to download the latest version (amended following the June service Leeds meeting 2016).

NTG data returns form, 2016

Attached below is the NTG data return documentation for this year, as previously distributed but with additions as discussed at the June Service Leads meeting earlier this year.
Please can everyone fill and return this by Friday the 16th September 2016.

NOTE: There are new data items and some differences from the draft previously circulated, so please can everyone use this version for their return.

NTG data SURVEY & RETURNS form 2016

NTG & BAPM Transport Dataset 2016

NTG Annual Data

Each year the UK transport services return data on six months of their activity. These are used to generate a  summary of UK data and activity comparisons and also to facilitate quality benchmarking between teams. Click the links below to see a presentation of each years’ data since 2012

NTG dataset presentation – 2017 (updated Nov 17)

NTG dataset presentation – 2016

NTG dataset presentation – 2015

NTG dataset presentation – 2014

NTG dataset presentation – 2013

NTG dataset presentation – 2012